Saving Yesterday

Friday, Sep 21st @ 9:30 PM

COVERS- Classic Rock, 80's, 90's Grunge, Alternative Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Country, Texas Country.... anything is game... [More Info]

Acoustic Throwdown

Saturday, Sep 22nd @ 9:30 PM

Acoustic trio. Big Tom.....Fritz of Whiskey Dick......and Rod Balch [More Info]

Plunder Monkeys

Friday, Sep 28th @ 8:30 PM

Plunder Monkeys swing through the jungle of rock, plundering a broad range of styles as they go. From Genesis to Pink Floyd, Beatles to REM, Elvis Costello to The Cars, Moody Blues to Jethro Tull, if there is an artist to be heard, Plunder Monkeys have them covered. A unique spin on tribute bands, Plunder Monkeys entertain their audience with artist blocks, each block consisting of several songs by one artist, with several artists performed in each set. The show is similar to a concert with many diverse artists coming together in one night of great music. Be prepared to go bananas at the next Plunder Monkeys performance! [More Info]

Escape - Tribute to Journey

Saturday, Sep 29th @ 9:30 PM

ESCAPE is a Dallas-based band performing a musical tribute to the arena rock supergroup... Journey. Since 2006, ESCAPE has been performing all over the D/FW metroplex and beyond to packed venues where the crowds love to sing along and dance to the timeless music of Journey, both old and new. As a tribute band, this gives ESCAPE the advantage of appealing to a wide audience that spans across all ages and musical tastes. We are always amazed when we see younger faces in our audience singing along as if they grew up with Journeys music! The ladies love the ballads, the guys love the rockers, everyone loves to sing along and dance to every song! [More Info]

Buddy Whittington

Saturday, Oct 6th @ 8:30 PM

Buddy is a famous rock and blues guitarist. Puts on a great show every time. [More Info]

The Collectors

Friday, Oct 12th @ 9:30 PM

Local boys done good, these three DFW/Nashville players have joined forces once again to stir the pot. Fronted by the unmistakable smile and voice of Steve Stout. The Collectors thrive off his honest energy as he continues to show why he has been one of the DFW's premier vocalists over the years. On guitar and vocals, Chris Raspante returns from Nashville after years of backing "A list" players. Chris' playing is as pro as it gets. Veteran Bassist, vocalist and co-founder of New Brazil, Chris Flynn brings forth the ever-present heavy groove that he's known for. The Collectors work with several of the most talented percussionists in DFW on a rotating basis and are notorious for having special guests at each show. When you check out a Collectors' gig, you can always expect a new experience. [More Info]

Texas Flood- Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan

Friday, Oct 19th @ 9:30 PM

Texas Flood was formed as an effort to bring great Texas Blues to the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. The band has become the premier Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute act in the nation. With Hungarian born guitarist Tommy Katona leading the way, they bring the raw high energy of music and stage presence that Stevie Ray himself had. They have had the privilege of traveling all over the country with their tribute act. It is not only a show, but a recreated experience of one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time. This is their loving tribute to the life and music of Stevie Ray Vaughan. [More Info]

Swan Song - Zeppelin tribute with Rich!

Saturday, Oct 20th @ 9:30 PM

Just close your eyes and you’ll be beamed back in time with Swan Songs incredible replication of Led Zeppelin’s music. Swan Songs repertoire includes live-version performances and acoustic renditions in their set list of over 50 songs. [More Info]

The Tone Masters

Friday, Oct 26th @ 9:30 PM

The ToneMasters ARE The Masters of Vintage Rock! [More Info]

The Rock Show

Saturday, Oct 27th @ 9:30 PM

"The Rock Show" is a premiere rock band from DFW specializing in classic rock. [More Info]